The main objective of the company is to permanently develop business opportunities in the field of public road transport of goods, national and international general cargo and dangerous goods, based on sustained growth, which generates wealth in the means that is inserted, Stakeholders.

In order to carry out the proposed transport services, the company has the following resources:

Being the fleet the most important resource in a company of this activity, we are concerned with acquiring modern vehicles equipped with mobile phone and GPS, which guarantee quality and safety in the services that we propose to carry out.

The fleet consists of about 40 vehicles, its geographical scope from North to South of Portugal, to the remaining countries of the European Community.

The vehicles of the fleet are distributed in several market areas, such as dangerous goods (White Oils, GPL packed), general cargo (national and international).

White Oils 15
GPL bottle 2
International (semi trailers tarpaulin/box/frigo) 16
General Load (Tractors, Rigid) 4
Spot (GPL, white oils, General load, International) 4

All vehicles are subject to systematic second maintenance plans established and controlled through rigorous inspections.

In terms of human resources, the company has about 50 people, qualified and competent, adequate to the roles and responsibilities that each one assumes in the organization.

The qualification and competence of each employee is evaluated at admission, through the training, experience, skills and degree of education that each individual evidences and accompanying the driver on the road.

In order to guarantee the quality and safety in the performance of the functions inherent in each one, we develop adequate training.

We inform drivers of all procedures, information and instructions, distributing the “Driver’s Manual”.

We have light vehicles, emergency equipment, diverse equipment for intervention in case of emergency (accident, spillage, damage, …), in particular for the transfer of gas and white oils. As support and support of all mobile equipment, we have modern facilities, with repair and maintenance workshops, suitably equipped.