Transportes Aguieira considers quality as one of the strategic factors of the development of its organization. AD undertakes to meet the requirements of the Quality System and to develop continuous improvement, in particular by reviewing and adapting quality objectives.

In this context, it is necessary to establish and maintain a quality program planned and developed with the participation of all employees in order to develop activities based on the following principles:

– Dialogue and work with the customer to satisfy it;
– Select suppliers to be competitive;
– Train and train not to fail;
– Define work processes and methodologies that guarantee adequate conditions of safety, health and hygiene at work and minimize the environmental impact;
– Evaluate the processes and their activities to improve;

Based on the assumption that quality refers to everyone, without exception, the company has adopted a philosophy that is supported by the participation of all its employees. For the company, this is a fundamental factor for the development and evolution of it.

The pursuit of the Quality Policy suggests to the AW of Transportes Aguieira the definition of the Quality Objectives.

The main objective of Transportes Aguieira is to permanently develop business opportunities in the scope of PUBLIC ROAD TRANSPORTATION OF GOODS, NATIONAL AND INTERNATIONAL OF GENERAL CARGO AND DANGEROUS GOODS, based on a sustained growth, which generates wealth in the means that is inserted, Stakeholders.