Company formation

The company “Transportes Rodoviários de Mercadorias de Aguieira, SA.” Founded in 1985, it was derived from the company Francisco Martins Cordeiro, with solidified experience in the transport, since 1952, in Angola where he began his business activity.

This company is developed under the management of Mr. Francisco Martins Cordeiro and Mr. Pedro Martins Cordeiro, whose experience as qualified managers in this activity, began in 1952 and 1961 respectively.

The “know-how made” of the above-mentioned entrepreneurs has earned the trust of Shell, for whom they have always worked, and since the first services, as a reference, the demanding standards of that oil company, with emphasis in the areas of Quality and Safety.

Consulted by other companies and invited to provide their services, they increased the fleet and made the company grow, providing services in the field of general cargo and dangerous materials.

New installations

In 1994, they inaugurated new facilities, with parking area for heavy and light vehicles, workshop area with two distinct subareas, mechanics area and service station area, office area and offices.

Quality management system

In 1996, with the new facilities in full operation and business growing, Management found the need to organize its activities and strategically increase customer focus.

The company’s experience and organization, coupled with the market’s competitiveness, have made management opportunely opt for the implementation of the Quality Management System, according to NP EN ISO 9002: 1995, which was certified by APCER in 1999.

With the implementation and practice, the procedures that support the Quality Management system and the best practices of the Security, the improvements in the organization, the operation, the services and the satisfaction of the requirements, became evident, resulting in the increase of the confidence of the The largest customer (SHELL) translated into the consecutive distinction that has been made to the work developed by the company since 1996 (“Safety distinction” by Shell in 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000 and 2001 to our company).

Important Customers!

In 2004, the company has 38 vehicles, its main clients are REPSOL and Luso Cargo Holanda b.v.

Young European Driver
In 2005 one of his collaborators was considered the best Portuguese driver in the “Young European Driver” event – Jaime Brito.
New European Young Driver
In 2007, and for the second time, sees his collaborator be considered the best Portuguese driver in the framework of the event “Young European Driver” – Pedro Joel Cordeiro.
Renewed Standard NP EN ISO9001: 2000

The organization changes its system, renewing in 2008 the respective certificate according to the Standard NP EN ISO9001: 2000.

The organization presents itself in 2008, with a past of work and recognized service and a Universe of apt and consolidated resources to face the future and satisfy the most demanding requirements in the scope of the services that it proposes to provide.

Certification in new Standard

In 2009 the organization changed its system again and was certified according to the new NP ENISO 9001: 2008 Standard.

PRIO customer
Between 2010 and 2012, it was with great satisfaction that we monitor the growth of our PRIO customer, with the opening of several stations throughout the national territory, with the consequent increase of our fleet in this market area.
Distribution of LPG
In 2013, we began the distribution of packaged LPG of the brand PRIO, which would have a significant increase in 2014.
PME Leader

In 2014, once again our company is presented the status of leading PME, awarded by IAPMEI in partnership with several banking institutions.

Geographical Enlargement White Oils

Attentive to the needs of our business partners, we started the distribution of PRIO brand white oils from the Sines cargo center to the south area of the country. Initially, operating with 1 vehicles, subsequently 3 or 4 .

Certification in new Standard

In 2017 the organization prepared the quality system to be certified under the Standard NP EN ISO 9001: 2015.

Change in geographic scope and customer portfolio

Customer Restructuring PRIO, made the company ceased to operate in the south of the country and increase the fleet to operate in the north.

Increase in customer base.

Dynamization of the client portfolio
2020Death of the company founder “Francisco Martins Cordeiro”.
2021Increase of strategies that allow the company to overcome and grow in a pandemic context.
2022In line with the company’s concern to reduce its carbon footprint, we have started purchasing less polluting vehicles.[/column_1]
2023Inclusion in the company’s fleet of vehicles powered by B100, an environmentally friendly fuel with low CO2 emissions.